April 22, 2009

A random pic, and some picnic pics

Can you say Picnic Pictures five time fast? I can (said a book-reading parrot name Louie)!

Here's one taken before the festival on Saturday.

On Friday, we went to Newnan, hunted down an elusive park, and had a lovely picnic with my sister Hope and her kids. I only took a few shots (phone battery was going to die).
Here's one of Hope and Jonathon.

Another of Jonathon (he was easiest to take pictures of. He was sitting still).

And one of Simon.

Next time I'll try to get some of Elizabeth and Sean, too. This time they were just TOO busy!

Renaissance Festival

We love the Renaissance Festival. We love it so much that this year we are going twice! This past Saturday was opening day, buy one, get one free tickets. So we went with our friends Peter & Kristen and their daughters. First, we had to decide where to go at what time. Here's Sean, hanging on to the map.

Both girls wanted their pictures taken as the Mona Lisa, so Sean had to do it, too. Here he is, peeking out.

Sean's favorite thing at the faire this year was the pirates, so it is appropriate that in this picture, he is a pirate and Kaylin is a fairy (Kaylin and Alyssa had fun dancing 'round the maypole with the fairies).

Here's a close-up of Sean, in case you were wanting to see his beautiful brown eyes, awesomely short hair, and the birthmark that gets really red when he's playing hard or getting mad (not to mention his very toothy smile).

Sean has this need to mimic Kaylin in all things. So when she pretended to be cargo under the stroller, well...

And last, but not least, I don't remember what he was trying to hand me. I think it may have been grass. Pulled out of the ground. Maybe rocks. Either way, I ♥ this kid.

I'll try to take more pictures when we go again in June...very possibly in full Renn Faire garb!

Another nifty giveaway

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Stay tuned for pics from our first trip to this year's Renaissance Festival!

April 9, 2009

Bloggy Giveaway

Click on the title of this post for a look at FlightFancy. It's a nifty blog, and she's giving away a beee-you-ti-ful necklace from her Etsy shop!