February 26, 2009

Bloggy giveaway

Marsha at Living in Fairyland is having a giveaway! Check out her etsy shop and post a comment to her blog telling her what your favorite thing in her shop is. Tada! You're entered! The prize is

One beautifully crafted pink geisha domino pendant necklace

A choice of Jasmine Sunshine or Clean caramel pecan soap
Any greeting card from her etsy shop.

February 24, 2009

favorite lol ever

so i posted the synchronized puppies. i captioned them. i'm still proud. i also thought i should post my favorite lol ever. here it is. bryan and i even named our rock band group after it.
humorous pictures
more animals

February 16, 2009

a couple of pics

in case you were wondering how the boy is doing...

My boy helping me carry groceries

Sean and his latest build-a-bear friend...Sean the Frog

February 12, 2009

Killing the Bad Guys

Just the title of this post is likely to bump up my rating on that thing that tells you if your blog is G, PG, or whatever. And yet...killing bad guys is a fairly major component in my conversations these days. I'm not raising a violent boy, but the kid is a born warrior, and his play reflects that.

At night we have these sweet conversations about Jesus, about family and friends, about love. We also talk a little about fear. My mighty warrior-child is afraid of the dark (some bloggers give their children nicknames and then abbreviate them. I thought, Warrior-child. WC. Water closet. Never mind). Bad guys lurk in the dark. So one recent conversation goes like this:
Sean: You'll sleep in your bed?
Me: Yes, in a little while.
Sean: And MY sleep in your bed, too.
Me: No, you need to stay in your bed.
Sean: But my be scared.
Me: I'll leave your fish light on (the fish light is a dim lamp that has tropical fish swimming around it).
Sean: My still be scared.
Me: There's no reason to be scared. Jesus watches us all the time and takes good care of us while we sleep.
Sean: And God?
Me: God, too.
Sean: Jesus and God have guns, kill bad guys?
Me: Nope, Jesus and God don't need guns, and anyway, there are no bad guys in your room.
Sean, thoughtfully: Them not have guns, them have swords?
Me, thinking of Revelation: Actually, yea, I guess they do.
Sean: Them kill bad guys with them swords. My okay.
Me: Whatever works, buddy.

February 10, 2009

i has a lol!

I am SO excited, folks! I'm a big fan of lolcats and loldogs. For the longest time, I've occasionally submitted a caption, hoping someone else would think I was as funny as I think I am. No deal. I was starting to doubt my own powers of amusement. But! I should not have been afraid! Today, I was looking and giggling and THIS is what I saw!

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more puppies
picture: dunno source, via our loldog builder. lol caption: stillgrace

I made it!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Yea, I know it's a small thing, but it makes me happy!

February 5, 2009

February 2, 2009

A Headline, A Rant

This morning I saw this headline: Good News for Foreclosure Victims. Foreclosure victims I tell you! Argh! The only people affected by foreclosure that I think of as victims are the renters whose landlords failed to pay the bills, causing the renters to be unfairly evicted. The article did address those people, too. Freddie Mac has decided that to avoid unsightly vacancies and properties falling into disrepair, the bank will graciously allow the house to be rented to the foreclosed-upon owner. In the even that the house was already occupied by renters, Freddie will rent the house to them instead of evicting them. For the renters, who likely can't afford to start a new lease elsewhere, this is great news! For the owners-turned-renters, this is also good news. Sort of. Sure, I think it's great that they aren't going to be kicked to the curb and their pets abandoned to the local shelter or worse. I do have a couple of questions. First, if they weren't paying the mortgage, what makes Freddie think they'll pay the rent? Is he going to drop the monthly rate? If he IS going to drop the monthly rate, then what motivates a struggling homeowner to keep struggling. Why not give up the loan and the house and pay the decreased rent? Same house, same standard of living, price break. Yes! The decision to borrow too much is first rewarded with the loan itself, and then with a possible drop in rent. Second, what makes these people victims? They chose to take the loan. They chose to buy a house that was beyond their means. I know there are exceptions. There are people who could afford the monthly payments but disaster struck and times got hard. In my opinion, they aren't victims either. They could have waited to buy a house until they could pay cash or at least had enough savings to cover them in the event of an emergency. Why is Freddie continuing to reward people for their irresponsible choices?!