April 16, 2008

Things Sean Says

There's nothing that makes me laugh like my Sean-boy. A day or so ago, Bryan and were talking about our dog, Magnus.
magnus 12-10-07
Magnus is a coward. He's a sweetheart, but very submissive. In short, Magnus is a pansy who frequently runs from the cat instead of after her. Bryan asked Sean to say, "Magnus is a pansy." Sean's response? "No, Daddy! Magma (Magnus) doggie!" Yes, he is.
Then last night as I was putting Sean to bed, I said, as usual, "I love you, and Jesus loves you even more. He wants to live in your heart forever." Sean said, "Where?" He loves to ask where. He never asks who, what, why, or when. He asks where. I said, "In your heart." Sean sat up, looking stunned, "In it CAR?!" Then, since Mommy was obviously a loon for laughing at such a travesty, he reiterated, "Jees (Jesus) live in it car?" I caught my breath and touched his chest and said, "No, honey. Jesus lives in our hearts. H-h-heart." "Oh," he said, and I could hear the relief in his voice. Even a very little boy knows that a minivan is no fit home for Jesus.

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Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Very funny!