July 29, 2008

Club Live

Do you love word games like word searches, crossword puzzles, word unscramblers, etc?

Do you have a hotmail account?

Would you like to get some nifty free stuff without paying for it?

Do you have some spare time?

Club Live is the place for you.

I'm currently puzzling (grinding, slogging, trudging) my way to a Kitchenaid Artisan mixer. In the past, I've earned video games and a Xbox 360 wireless controller. Microsoft isn't giving away lame prizes (well, they are, but only to the impatient people who don't save their points up). Sure, it takes time. TANSTAAFL people. Personally, I'd rather give my time for a new kitchen gadget than never get one (face it, keeping my van moving is more important to me than having an awesome mixer).
It also sharpens your brain, heightens your vocabulary, and did I mention the prizes? Free stuff!

Please note: I don't get ANYTHING if you follow the link and play and win stuff. I do really like that wireless controller, though, so I wanted my friends to have the same opportunity to win stuff.

Please also note: Play hard, sometimes they change the prize lineup. I didn't need a Roomba anyway. The mixer is better.

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