September 18, 2008

He Tells Me...

I recently had a very sweet few moments with Sean, and a good friend said I should write it down to remember. So I'm writing it here to share with you (all two of you).

Every night I lay down with Sean while he falls asleep. It's a luxury of being an only child that we both enjoy, and we have some very precious conversations while he settles in. The most important part of our bed time ritual is this:
Me: I love you.
Sean: My yuv you, too, Mommy.
Me: And Daddy loves you.
Sean: My yuv my daddy.
Me: I know you do. Do you know who loves you most of all? More than anyone in the
whole world?
(His answers vary here sometimes, and we play a fun game where he says someone loves him and I agree that the person- LaLa, Grammy, Poppa, me- does love him very much, but not the most in the whole world. Then I ask again.)
Sean: Jee-uh yuv me most.
Me: That's absolutely right. Jesus loves you SO much.
(And then we pray together, or I pray, since he usually refuses to talk to Jesus, regardless of the love involved.)

A few nights back, I asked him a new question at the end of our chat about love. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: Jesus loves you SO much. Do you know that Jesus can talk to you?
Sean: Yeah.
Me: Does Jesus talk to you? (after all, if Sean knows He can, maybe He has.)
Sean: Yeah. (he's so forthcoming!)
Me: What does Jesus say to you?
Sean: He tells me.
Me: What does he tell you?
Sean: He tells me he yuv me.

And then he gave me a sweet smile, a sleepy hug, and drifted off to whatever dreams fill his head when he's taking a break from being a 90-miles-minute little boy. I tucked him in and said a prayer of thanks- that Jesus talks to Sean even though Sean doesn't talk to Him in my hearing. It's such a simple and sweet thing, but I wonder, what else would Jesus tell a busy three-year-old boy? What else could be any more important to Sean, or me?