February 12, 2009

Killing the Bad Guys

Just the title of this post is likely to bump up my rating on that thing that tells you if your blog is G, PG, or whatever. And yet...killing bad guys is a fairly major component in my conversations these days. I'm not raising a violent boy, but the kid is a born warrior, and his play reflects that.

At night we have these sweet conversations about Jesus, about family and friends, about love. We also talk a little about fear. My mighty warrior-child is afraid of the dark (some bloggers give their children nicknames and then abbreviate them. I thought, Warrior-child. WC. Water closet. Never mind). Bad guys lurk in the dark. So one recent conversation goes like this:
Sean: You'll sleep in your bed?
Me: Yes, in a little while.
Sean: And MY sleep in your bed, too.
Me: No, you need to stay in your bed.
Sean: But my be scared.
Me: I'll leave your fish light on (the fish light is a dim lamp that has tropical fish swimming around it).
Sean: My still be scared.
Me: There's no reason to be scared. Jesus watches us all the time and takes good care of us while we sleep.
Sean: And God?
Me: God, too.
Sean: Jesus and God have guns, kill bad guys?
Me: Nope, Jesus and God don't need guns, and anyway, there are no bad guys in your room.
Sean, thoughtfully: Them not have guns, them have swords?
Me, thinking of Revelation: Actually, yea, I guess they do.
Sean: Them kill bad guys with them swords. My okay.
Me: Whatever works, buddy.


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How cute! :-)

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I love it, he's adorable.