July 26, 2007

Here you see a picture of the lake at Smoky Mountain Christian Camp in Coker Creek, TN. Why? Well, because it's beautiful, and we all need beauty in our lives. I took this right around 7am the last time I was at home. Yes, my family lives there. Lucky, huh?

At 7am, walking my dog in the cool mountain air, I can almost grasp the concept of a "peace that passes understanding." There's something about the lake, and the mist, and the sun, and laughing at my city-dwelling dog because he has to smell everything that soothes my soul. Some little distance behind where I stood to take the picture, my sister is getting married in a few months. In a soccer field. On horseback. Why? Because this is her refuge, and even the soccer field is pretty. Camp is where she met her husband-to-be, and it is where they want to cement their joy in each other with lifelong promises. For me, that's a lot like walking by the lake as the sun comes up. Seeing my sister this happy soothes my soul.

So my thought for today is this: Walk somewhere beautiful at your favorite time of day. Delight in the joy of someone you love. Get out of your daily grind, and laugh at the newness of being somewhere different. Go somewhere you love to be and watch the sun rise or set. Think about what soothes your soul, and do it. Even if you only do it for ten minutes. Even if you can only go as far as your backyard. Appreciate something beautiful.

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