July 8, 2007

Why Ten Minutes

You might be asking, "Why Ten Minutes?" Two main reasons, and a lot of little ones. I'll share the main two as a sort of introduction.

Reason one: here in Georgia (and in other places, too) we say, "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes; it'll change." Frequently, it does. A sunny sky clouds over and a storm rolls in like a freight train. A cats-and-dogs, high wind, high volume storm slips away and leaves behind a rainbow and dazzling puddle prisms. Life's a lot like that, too, in my experience. If you don't like the way things are going, and you can't alter them by any act of your own, wait a while. Hang in there. Hold on tight to your umbrella, pull your poncho close, and in a little bit, the sky will clear.

Reason two: a wise woman told one of my sisters once that a lot of daily stress can be dealt with by taking a ten minute vacation. Your children and the rest of the world can't do much harm in ten minutes (well, maybe hers couldn't). Go to your room or some other quiet, private place. Close the door and spend ten minutes reading a book or imagining a warm sunny day on the beach, or creating in your mind the exhilaration of reaching the summit of the mountain and looking down to see more of the world than you thought possible. Pray. Nap. Empty your mind and just exist. Take ten minutes. Refresh your soul. The rest of your life will wait for ten minutes.

My posts here will rarely be very long or time-consuming (i won't say never, because that would be inviting reasons to write catastrophically long posts). In fact, I'll try to keep it to ten minutes' worth of material or less. I'll also try to keep it light. I'd like to give you, my reader, ten minutes to be amused and encouraged. You have your own issues; why would you want to read about mine? I hope you'll come back to see me again. Until then, give yourself a break- take ten minutes.


karen said...

Hehehe, I think that expression originates in East TN! ;)

Tana said...

yea, i thought so, too, but my georgian hubby insists it started in ga. ;) it's easier to agree.