June 9, 2008

Like father, like...

Saturday was Bryan's day off. I had some excellent Build-a-Bear coupons and a little boy who loves to go pick out and make (literally) a new friend. So, we made a plan. Step one - breakfast. Sean voted for "Pih-a-dee-yee" (Picadilly), so off we went. Step two - up to the Mall of Georgia, braving heat (the van's a/c just bit the dust again), crowds, and manic children to procure a very cute black labrador. Sean has graciously conceded to name it Onyx, but still calls it "Puppy." They're all "Puppy," "Kitty," "Panda," or whatever species they are. Step three - back down to Gwinnett to the dollar movie (now TWO dollars! Travesty!) to see Horton Hears a Who, which we enjoyed completely (Sean sat in his own chair, rapt). I heartily endorse it, unlike that abomination that the movie industry dared to call The Cat in the Hat. THAT was a travesty.

The plan went off with just one or two hitches. We had to cram in a bank visit for movie cash. The van's a/c said goodbye. While approaching the Mall of Georgia, I fell behind to throw away a cup. When I got into the blissfully cool mall, there were my guys. They were standing in the exact same pose leaning coolly against the wall. Bryan suggested a picture, so I whipped out my phone. Before I could say, "Smile and don't move." Sean had already rearranged himself into a new configuration. He wants to mimic and be like his dad...just not too much. I can't imagine where he gets this spirit of independence and singularity. It must be some freak recessive gene. Right. Anyway, it's still a good picture, so here are my guys.