December 23, 2008

a couple of recent pics

Yes, I'm a slacker. I have good reasons. Maybe I'll eventually even share them. Don't hold your breath. :)
In spite of that, I do have some pics for you (if you still drop by). I tell you, folks (I hope folks plural), this kid just keeps getting cuter, funnier, more everything.

First, a gorgeous beluga from the Georgia Aquarium. We love the aquarium, we love this whale and his friends.

Sean and his Lala at the tree farm this year.

Just a close-up of my scruffy boy...

I may have posted this before, but I love it. Sean is drinking the rain.


karen said...

Cute! I check religiously, even if nothing's been posted for awhile. Email if you want to chat--don't know when my computer will be well enough for AIM again. :-p (((hugs)))

Tara said...

Cute pics! I love going to aquariums too. :-) I stop by often to check your blog as well, so you do have faithful readers (plural). :-)