December 23, 2008

more pics

A few more...

Back in October (yes, slacker!), we went to Burt's Pumpkin Farm and Amicalola Falls. Sean loved the falls and all of the leaves.

He also loved that we got to have the fun pumpkin day with Kaylin and Alyssa.

Here's a trip in early December to the Aquarium.

Also, Granny went to the Aquarium with us. Sean loved having his great-grandma along!

And here's one Sean loves. A blast from his (limited) past. Here's Comma and Sean when Sean was less than a year old and we still lived in LaGrange.


Tara said...

My favorite pic is the last one. Cats and babies: 2 of my favorite things! :-)

Tana said...

That's Sean's fave, too! He loves his Comma Kitty.