November 8, 2008

Hallelujahs Radio

I love Pandora. No, not the the mythical girl with the box full of nasties (and hope!). While I do like her story, I'm talking about

It's internet radio at it's very best. You sign up (it's free and legal!), then click "create a station." Upon prompting, you enter a song or an artist. Pandora hunts, finds music similar to your choice and plays song after song in that style (you can tell it never play a song again if you hate it's choice, or play more like this if you think it did well). Then it names your station after your initial choice. You can rename it. I named my first station "My Radio," gifted, yes? It's a fun conglomerate of all of my favorite christian bands. Today, though I made a station without considering what it would be called. I think I'll leave it. I was looking for music similar to Chris Rice's song Hallelujahs because Jess mentioned it one of her past blogs, and it reminded me that I love Chris Rice songs. Pandora obligingly made the station. It hasn't played that song yet, but I'm hoping we'll get to it. In the meantime, this is awesome music to have playing through the apartment. I looked back at it to approve a Chris Tomlin song and saw the name of my new station- Hallelujahs Radio. I think it's fabulous.

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Jess said...

ok - NO conviction, please, on playing computer games with husbands. i am sure that if i gave hugh a little coupon for christmas that said..."i'll play warcraft or some other game with you once a week for a couple of hours" - he'd be OVER. THE. MOON.